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Green Tribal Dog Lead - Pebblina
Green Tribal Dog Lead
  • $27.95
Blue Tribal Dog Lead - Pebblina
Blue Tribal Dog Lead
  • $27.95
Owl Dog Lead - Pebblina
Owl Dog Lead
  • $27.95
Sailor Dog Lead - Pebblina
Sailor Dog Lead
  • $27.95
Gold Hexagon Dog Lead - Pebblina
Gold Hexagon Dog Lead
  • $27.95
Hexagon Dog Lead - Pebblina
Hexagon Dog Lead
  • $27.95


Dog leads

Just like any other pet, your dog loves to be active, whether in the form of a walk or run. Any sort of outdoor activity makes them excited. When you decide to go for a walk with your furry friend, it is crucial to make sure they are safe throughout the entire time spent away from the house. In order to keep them by your side, you will require a premium quality dog lead.

If you are looking to buy the best quality dog leads in Australia, you have landed in the right place. At Pebblina, you will find some of the funkiest and coolest dog leads in Australia that will allow you to control your dog and refrain them from getting hurt.

At Pebblina, you will find a variety of dog leads. This will make it very easy for you to choose what suits your wholesale pet products the best. The reason our dog leads are highly preferred by Australian pet owners is the fact that they are made from durable materials that give you the best grip and complete control of your dog’s movements.

A lead with an adequate length will allow your dog to roam a little further away from you without the risk of losing control. Our team also provides leads that are specifically designed to attach to your dog while they roam around the garden, which gives them the freedom to stroll around and stay near you at the same time.

Most of these leads are made from materials like polyester, which means you can rely on it for strength and durability. Have a look at the various styles and colours these leads come in so you can make the most appropriate choice for your furry friend.