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Owl Dog Collar - Pebblina
Owl Dog Collar
  • $25.95
Green Tribal Dog Collar - Pebblina
Green Tribal Dog Collar
  • $25.95
Blue Tribal Dog Collar - Pebblina
Blue Tribal Dog Collar
  • $25.95
Hexagon Dog Collar - Pebblina
Hexagon Dog Collar
  • $25.95
Red Sailor Dog Collar - Pebblina
Sailor Dog Collar
  • $25.95
Gold Hexagon Dog Collar - Pebblina
Gold Hexagon Dog Collar
  • $25.95


Best dog collars in Australia
  Your dog loves to take advantage of every chance they get to escape the house and enjoy the fresh, open air and spend time with nature. This is why going for a walk is their favourite part of the day. So, when your dog is out and about sniffing some grass, you should equip them with the right type of funky dog collar to make sure they can wander comfortably.

We make sure to integrate style and comfort into everything we create. Choosing the best type of collar for your dog is essential as it helps them feel comfortable while keeping them safe and visible during their walk. When it comes to cool dog collars in Australia, you can always trust Pebblina to provide the most innovative designs.

When you choose one of our cool dog collars, you will also be investing in an effective identity tag for your pet. Our team at Pebblina Australia understands that each pet is unique, which is why our experts have curated various designs of funky dog collars to reflect individuality and make your wholesale pet supplies australia stand out in a crowd.

We have thinner collars for small breeds and have strong and thick ones for larger dogs. Additionally, we have included various designs and styles for dogs to suit their different personalities. However, it will always feel like a challenge to choose the perfect collar for your dog.

Whether your furry friend is a corgi or a husky, Pebblina will have the right type of collar for your best bud. All of the collars available on our website are pet-friendly, which means they will not irritate your dog’s skin or cause any fur shedding.

Our team is committed to providing dog products of the best and highest quality while being attentive to individual style and comfort. Not sure what to select? Get in touch with us on any day of the week and let our team guide you.