Top 7 Essential Accessories for your Dog - Including a dog teepee!

If you are a brand new dog owner, then you’re going to love our fabulous list of essential items for your new pup, because we include everything you need, even a dog teepee! So let’s get started, as the sooner you have everything ready, the quicker your furry friend will settle into their new home.

1. Collar, ID tags and contact information

No-one wants their dog to get lost, but now and again it does happen. To make finding your dog a lot faster and easier, you will need a collar with their ID attached, including your phone number. Whilst microchipping is also essential, if a neighbour finds your dog, it’s much quicker to give you a call than take your dog to the vet’s to have their microchip read.

2. Dog leash and harness

To walk your dog, you’re going to need a leash, but you don’t want the leash to be too long, because you lose control over their movements, so opt for a shorter leash (avoiding retractable leashes for this very reason). However, instead of attaching the leash to your dog’s collar, you can attach it to a harness that puts pressure on their chest (rather than their neck), making it much more comfortable for your dog.

3. Water and food bowls

Every dog needs their own food and water bowls, but these don’t have to be boring! There are some fabulous dog bowls on the market and you won’t have any problems finding bowls that look awesome for your dog. Obviously, you need to match the size of the bowls to the size of your dog, keep them clean, and refill their water bowl with clean fresh water, every day.'

4. A swanky dog teepee!

Every dog needs their own safe space, somewhere warm and comfortable where they can rest after a long day playing with balls and racing around the yard! There are lots of different dog beds on the market, but one of the cutest must be a dog teepee with a lovely soft, but supportive cushion for taking naps. 

5. High quality dog food

Dogs need a healthy and nutritious diet that’s also low in fat, because they can quickly become ill on a high fat diet. So before you bring your furry friend home, it’s a good idea to talk to a vet who can suggest the best type of diet for your pup.

6. Lots and lots of toys!

Dogs love to play, whether it’s running after a tennis ball, football or a frisbee. They also love something soft to snuggle into when they have a nap (teddy bears are a good option) and they love to chew! You need to be careful however, that none of these toys or chew toys contain sharp edges or anything that if swallowed can be dangerous to their health. It all comes down to common sense!

7. Keeping your dog looking fabulous

Whilst bathing your dog too often is not good for their skin, they will need a bath every now and again, but you need a dog shampoo, not a human shampoo (as these can dry their skin). A grooming brush is also a good idea, as this helps to keep them tangle free.

When you have ticked all seven boxes (including buying a comfy dog bed or dog teepee), you are ready to bring your new friend home!