Top 10 Products for (small) Dogs

So you’ve just adopted a cute little puppy or a small dog such as a little Miniature Pinscher or a Bichon Frise, but you haven’t got a clue on what to buy her. You search up and down the pet aisle and still can’t seem to find something to fit your little ones needs. Here are the Top 10 Products we recommend for smaller sized puppies/dogs:


 A Collar

A cute collar is a must for small dogs. There are so many options on the market that you can’t go wrong in finding one to fit you and your new puppy’s personality. Just be sure to make sure the sizing is correct, usually for smaller dogs it’s recommended that you get an extra small (xs) collar. The size of an extra small collar is around 27cm and most websites, or stores list the size on the tag. Collars are important for any size dog to have because of its many uses that it provides to you and your new puppy. For example, the collar holds your puppy's identification tags and helps you connect your leash to your puppy if you choose to.


Fitting Lead or Leash

If you want to take your brand new puppy or small dog out on the town you’ll need to buy her a leash. Not only so that she doesn’t run away but also to keep her safe. There are many types of leashes or leads that can help you train your small dog to walk with you, instead of pulling you. You can find many styles, colours, and material choices to choose from when purchasing a lead, it’s recommended to use a leash that works best for your size dog. Choose one that isn’t too long, one that won’t hurt your hands, and one that isn’t to heavy or wide for your small puppy to endure. The wider the leash the heavier it can be.



You can choose a harness for your small puppy or dog as well as a collar, or in exchange for a collar. Choosing both will give you options for your small dog when she is connected to her leash, you can either connect your leash to her collar or to her harness. One of the benefits of a harness is that it can help train your small puppy or dog to walk better. It is known that for smaller dogs, a harness can help disperse pressure to a larger part of his body and in doing so he won’t strain his neck. Harnesses are also good for extra small dogs that cannot fit into a collar properly, if your small dogs neck is smaller than 27cm, a harness is a better option so that your small puppy doesn’t slip out of his collar when on a walk and run away.


A Bed

Small dogs need a place to sleep too! Providing a place to sleep for your small dog is essential in training him or her on where to sleep. Instead of having her jump up and down from the couch or bed, which could result in injury, she can have her own little bed in the corner on the floor. When choosing a bed for your small dog consider purchasing something insulated, or something that your small dog can huddle in to to keep her warm while she sleeps. Providing a bed for your small dog will help her feel welcomed and secure in her new home.




Food & Water Bowls

Selecting a food and water bowl is important because this is where your small dog will eat her meals and drink her water. When choosing food dishes consider your small dogs height and whether or not you want to separate her food from her water or purchase a Double Diner set. Choosing the right bowls for your small dogs is all about their size, you don’t want bowls that are too big or too small, or too high off the ground, you want something that they can reach perfectly.





Choosing food bowls brings us to choosing the right type of food for your small dog, not all dogs can eat the same food. Some dogs prefer to eat wet food while others eat dry food. There are many types of food on the market for dogs, and every dog has different dietary needs. Make sure to talk to your veterinarian to discuss the proper food that your small dog should be eating. Keep in mind, dogs should never eat human food!





Puppy Pads (for training)

When you first bring home your small puppy or dog they may have an accident or two in the house before they are trained to only pee outside. While training a small dog consider purchasing puppy pads for easy clean up.. Puppy pads can also be used in the winter since small dogs can feel the cold pretty quickly compared to bigger dogs and may not want to go outside to relieve themselves.



Crate / Carrying Crate

Crate training a small dog can be beneficial to both the small dog and its owner. Using a crate for a small dog when its owner isn’t home can help aid in keeping him or her safe when its owner can’t be there to supervise them. Most owners use crates as a part of house training and for their dog to have a comfortable place to call home, be sure not to misuse the crate for any type of dog as they may refuse to use to go back inside. A carrying crate can be used for when the small dog and its owner intend to travel or make a trip to the veterinarian.




Clothing for small dogs can serve two purposes; to make them look fashionable or cute and to keep them warm in the colder months. Keep in mind that not all dogs like to wear clothes and its important not to force them, if they don’t like wearing the item they might try to bite it off and accidentally hurt themselves. At first try something that can be easily removed in case the dog reacts negatively.



Small Toys

Buying size appropriate toys for a small dog is important so that they aren’t intimidated by a huge item that's meant for playing. By providing size appropriate toys to a small dog, they will be able to fit the item into their mouths easier and be able to have fun with their toy or use it for a chew toy. Supplying designated items that belong to your small dog may prevent them from chewing up their owners personal items. Remember this new dog is apart of the family now and you’ll want to provide him or her things to make them feel welcome.