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Sailor Seat Restraint


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Product Description

Strong seat restraint to help restrain your dog down while you are travelling. Designed to help prevent driver distraction so you can concentrate on the road. Made from strong heavy duty polyester material, you can be sure your dog won’t be running around in your back seat anymore!   

  • Made out of polyester with soft neoprene padding lining.
  • It has a sturdy stainless steel buckle at the end to clip onto your Pebblina harness.


Polyester and neoprene


This product is designed to be used in conjunction with a dog harness to restrain the dog while in a vehicle. It is to help keep the dog in one position while you are travelling and to also help prevent distracting the driver. In the event of an accident it may not prevent injury to your dog or passengers. You should always inspect the seat restraint for wear and abrasion. Do not use if damaged. Do not leave your dog unattended in a closed vehicle.

Care Instructions

Hand wash, line dry, do not bleach, do not iron