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Reversible Dog Harness

Welcome to Pebblina, where you will find everything you need to pamper your dog. One of our most famous products is our reversible dog harness. To compensate for all the love and care that our pets give us, the least we can do is provide them with the best comfort in the form of great quality accessories and bedding.

From wholesale pet products accessories to dog teepees, leads and collars, you will find everything your pet requires to live a happy and comfortable life on our online pet shop. When it comes to ensuring your dog’s safety, harnesses are one of the safest and most comfortable accessories that will help you to keep your dog by your side.

At Pebblina, we have an exclusive collection of the best dog harnesses in Australia.

Choosing the right harness type

There are various types of harnesses available on the market. However, you need to choose the best dog harness that gives your dog maximum comfort and safety, so make sure to consider all aspects such as front clip, back clip, adjustable strapping, fit and weight of the harness.

Browse through our collection to choose the best dog harness for your dog.

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