How to Teach Your Dog to Sit and Stay

Do you have a new furry friend to love in your family? Obedient dogs are understandably easier to keep in a home, so consider teaching your new pup some old tricks. Start easy with these two: sit and stay.

1. Sit

Teaching your dog to sit on command is known to be one of the more simple cues to teach. While “sit” is a basic command, it is important for dogs to know as it helps them to settle down into new environments, focus on one thing, and allow them (and you) to stay in one place for a period of time. Learning to sit is also the groundwork for teaching your dog to stay! With a bag of treats, and less than thirty minutes of your day for a few days, your dog will have “sit” down in no time.

After getting your dog’s attention, hold a treat just above the nose while moving it back towards the ears. Once the treat gets to a certain point, the dog will likely automatically sit. Once their behind touches the ground, praise them and reward immediately with the treat. 

After perfecting this, add the cue “sit” followed by your dog’s name while using the treat the same way as before. Your pup should perfect this in no time!

2. Stay

If you and your furry friend have mastered “sit”, you’re already one step closer to learning the command “stay”. 

Once in the “sit” position, face your dog and raise your hand to his face with the palm facing him. Repeat the command “stay” while slowly taking a few steps backwards away from him. If he stays, walk back towards him, give him a command to “release” and immediately praise and reward. If he moves before you release him, just try again!

Has your dog mastered these two in no time? Move on to “lay down” and “roll over” next!