How To Style Your Dog Teepee

Dog Teepee with Fairy Lights

In these ultra-modern times, it is increasingly becoming more desirable to style ones home with plush items that adds a feeling of luxury whilst accommodating the essential needs of spending more time at home. But how do you know where to start styling and how do you know what will work well together in that space?

It is best to start off small. For instance, pick one area in the family home. Next you need to decide what you would like to add that could generate a bit of extra flare and go from there.

In this blog we are going to start with your pet teepee. We will be providing a few helpful tips and tricks on how you can style up your pet teepee to help add a bit more style and comfort to your family home.


1 – Rug

Consider adding a shaggy run under your dog teepee. This will help ground the teepee and connect it to the surrounding area.

If your pet teepee has a lot of colours and contains a bold pattern look for a rug with neutral colour tones, this will help compliment the dog teepee without overpowering the space.  White, off white, charcoal or beige are all good options.

If, however your pet teepee is more of a plain design with limited or no patterns, or has bold colours on it, choose a rug with a bit more colour. Nothing to strong as you do not want the rug to clash or draw too much attention away from the teepee.

Our personal preference are round rugs however square or rectangular rugs work just as well. When choosing the right size always pick a rug that is bigger than the teepee. You want your furfriend to be able to enjoy it!


2 – Blanket

Another great styling option is adding a dog blanket. Not only does this provide a great function in helping the dog feel more comfortable but it adds as a great piece of decoration for your room.

Consider either a neutral or plain colour blanket as this will help style your pet teepee without drawing to much attention away from it. If you prefer a blanket with a bit more flare, consider one that has a subtle pattern.


3 - Fairy lights

Fairy lights would have to by my favourite item to add to my dog teepee. It adds so much warmth and magic to the space. This creates a more calming and relaxing vibe. You really can not go wrong with fairy lights.


Pet Teepee Fairy LightsPet Teepee Tent with Fairy LightsDog Teepee with Fairy Lights


4 - Name plate

Most pet owners love to personalise their pet accessories, so why not your pet teepee? Adding a name plate with your pet’s name helps make your teepee have more of a homely vibe.

Once you have added these four items into your pets space you can start to look at the surrounding area and pick items that help tie it all together. Plants are always a great option to add into a space as they help bring in greenery and purify the air. If the plants are low to the ground make sure the plants you choose are pet friendly! You could also add a photo off you and your furbaby to help finish of the area.

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Happy styling!