8 Facts about Dachshunds

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Dachshunds are one of the most popular dog breeds to have as a pet and it’s no real surprise considering how ridiculously cute they are!

The dachshund is also commonly known as a ‘doxie’, ‘wiener’ or ‘sausage dog’. Weighing in at 7.3kg-15kg for the standard dachshund while the miniature dachshund tends to weigh less than 5.4kg.

They have a beautiful playful temperament however they can be quiet stubborn which can make training a more challenging and rewarding exercise.

With all that said, we have found some really interesting fact about dachshunds that we would love to share:


#1 Originated from Germany

Hundreds of years ago the Dachshund was bred in Germany to hunt badgers. The name Dachshund literally means “badger dog”. Dach meaning badger and hund meaning hound/dog. Due to their long and narrow build along with their cute little legs, the Dachshund was the perfect size to go into badger dens.


#2 Used during World War 1 & 2

With their German heritage, the Dachshund image was used to represent Germany in propaganda during World War 1 & 2. During that time this drastically impacted the popularity of the breed as widespread contempt grew towards the Dachshund.


#3 The first Olympic Mascot

Back in 1972 during the summer Olympic games in Munich, the very first official Olympic mascot tradition was born! It just so happened to be a Dachshund called Waldi! They even designed the marathon route to be in the shape of a Dachshund.


#4 They have three types of coats

A fun fact some people may not be aware of is that the Dachshund breed has three types of coats. The most popular being the smooth (shorthaired) but they also come in wirehaired and longhaired.

The Dachshund can also come in a variety of colours including: red, cream, chocolate, tan, grey, sable, dapple, black, brindle, piebald and wildboar.


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#5 They come in 3 sizes

The Dachshund have three sizes: standard, miniature and kaninchen. While the standard and miniature sizes are widely known the kaninchen is not. Kaninchen being German for rabbit weighs up to 3.5kg.


#6 It is not pronounced Dash-hound

As the word Dachshund is German, the correct pronunciation is ‘dahks-hund’ not ‘dash-hound’ as some of us tend to call them.


#7 By nature, Dachshunds can be a one-person dog

Dachshunds by nature tend to bond closely with a single person. They can become quiet jealous and often become very suspicious of strangers.


#8 Spinal Health Risks

Due to their long spine and small rib cage, the Dachshund is prone to spinal problems, in particular intervertebral disk disease. It is important to not let your Dachshund jump up on to the furniture, eat more than the doctor’s recommendation or exercise too much. This can cause strain on their backs. Roughly 20-25% of all Dachshunds will develop intervertebral disk disease.



Maintenance Level:           Low

Lifespan:                          12-15 years

Temperament:                  Independent, loyal, playful & stubborn

Health Risk:                      Slipped disks in their spine. 


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