7 Reasons dogs love Pebblina reversible dog harnesses


Are you thinking about buying a Pebblina reversible dog harness? Our harnesses are very popular with owners and their dogs for a variety of reasons. So let’s take a look at the benefits of Pebblina harnesses and why they’re much better than a collar or even a choker chain for your pooch on their daily walks.

Why you should use a Pebblina reversible dog harness

Aussies love their pet pooches, so we only want the very best for them. We know that they love their walks and all the different smells they come across every day, and they thoroughly enjoy socialising with other owners and dogs. However, deciding between a collar and a harness can be a difficult decision, particularly when you have always used a collar and really don’t understand the benefits of a harness. So if you’re unsure of which way to jump, here are seven reasons why a Pebblina reversible dog harness is ideal for your happy pooch.


1. Your dog can step out in style

Every dog deserves to look a million dollars on their walks and a Pebblina reversible dog harness does just that! Our harnesses look cute on little dogs and big dogs, and because they’re reversible you get two different style options for one very affordable price. We use a heavy duty neoprene and mesh material that’s comfortable to wear, durable and long lasting (the mesh is also breathable to keep your pet nice and cool). All the edges of the harness are reinforced for comfort, so there’s no hard or rough edges to rub your pet’s skin. Our harnesses are also fully adjustable for extra comfort.


2. Harnesses give you more control over your dog

However much you try to train your dog, it doesn’t always work out 100% of the time. Dogs often pull on their leads because they want to get to a delicious smell, chase a cat or socialise with a fellow pooch on their walk. Collars don’t give you the control you need over your dog, simply because your dog wants to go in their own direction, regardless of what their owner wants! This constant pulling builds up their neck muscles, which is why you hardly ever seem to control your dog when you use a collar. The Pebblina reversible dog harness however, wraps around your dog’s body, particularly across their chest, giving you much more control over your dog on his or her walks.


3. Dog harnesses discourage pulling on the lead

Dogs love to pull on the lead, because they want to move forward at their own pace and get where they’re going fast! If you have a fairly large dog, this constant pulling can cause injuries to your shoulders and even pull elderly people off their feet. So stopping your dog pulling on the lead is a safety factor, but it also makes the walk much more pleasant for both of you. A collar does absolutely nothing to prevent your dog pulling on their lead, in fact it often encourages them to pull because they move forward faster! Harnesses on the other hand, give your dog no advantage when they pull against the lead, it doesn’t move them any faster forward and often lifts their front paws off the ground.


4. Harnesses avoid your dog suffering neck injuries 

Dogs tend to pull against a collar and leash whenever they can get away with it, but this causes stress on their neck muscles and can eventually result in long term problems. This constant pressure on your dog’s neck can, over time, damage their thyroid gland, which is located at the front of the neck. It can also lead to respiratory problems as well. A Pebblina reversible dog harness however, spread this pressure over their chest, putting no strain on their neck at all. A harness is much better for your dog’s health than a collar!


5. A reversible dog harness avoids skin problems

Most collars are worn tightly around a dog’s neck, otherwise they can easily slip out of the collar and run away. This tightness can cause the skin under the collar to sweat, particularly in summer, resulting in irritated skin, that can become infected. If your dog loves to swim, the fur under the collar often remains wet for long periods of time, which can also cause skin irritations. Their fur can also be worn away by a tight collar, leaving bald areas that once again, can become irritated. Some collars are worse than others because they are made from very thick material that doesn’t let your dog’s skin breathe and keeps the skin moist. A dog harness however, is only worn when you walk your dog and even then, there is no tight collar around their neck. The Pebblina reversible dog harness doesn’t cause your dog’s skin to sweat, because it’s made from a mesh material that breathes, as well as neoprene that dries very quickly.


6. Harnesses are ideal for both small and large dogs

Small dogs can really benefit from wearing a dog harness mainly because it doesn’t put any pressure on their fragile necks. The tightness of a collar around their neck can easily cause neck injuries in small breed dogs, whereas a harness spreads this pressure over their body and chest, and not around their neck. Larger dogs also benefit from wearing a harness, as it gives you more control when they are out and about on their walk.


7. A Pebblina reversible dog harness is perfect for Houdinis!

If your dog frequently wriggles out of their collar on their walk, they are going to have a much more difficult time wriggling out of a harness. They can get out of their harness if it isn’t fitted properly however, so you need to make sure that it isn’t too loose. Of course, a harness that’s too tight can rub their skin, but you will quickly work out the best way to fit your dog’s harness so that it keeps them safe and fits comfortably. 


If you want your dog to step out in style this year, why not check out our fabulous range of Pebblina reversible dog harnesses?