5 Tips When Travelling with Pets


A misconception we often hear is people saying they don’t want a pet because it will tie them down and they won’t be able to travel as much. I disagree, I don’t believe having a pet stops you from living your life like you normally would. The best part is they can actually come with you! All you need to do is prepare for it. Make sure the place you are staying is dog friendly. Double check with the local public transport if they can come on board. Often I have found they can but they need to wear a muzzle and lastly incorporate some dog friendly areas into your trip. For example, go to a dog friendly beach instead of a non-dog beach.

To help you prepare for your exciting getaway we have 5 tips to get your furry family member ready for their big adventure.


  1. Vaccinations

Make sure your pet is up to date with their vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatments. This is super important as you don’t want your pet getting sick while they are away. Talk to your vet, tell them where you are going and if there’s anything to be mindful of. For example, if you are from Victoria Australia, travelling to Queensland you will need to make sure your pet has the proper tick treatment as Queensland has paralysis ticks which can be fatal.


  1. Identification

Having your dog microchipped is great in the event they go astray. This will help them find their way back to you. It’s also a great idea for them to wear a tag on their collar with their name and your phone number.


  1. Food & Water

Take a good supply of food and treats with you. If your dog is feeling anxious with their unfamiliar surroundings they may not eat as much. So to help make sure they are still eating give them some treats. This will also help them understand that this is a good thing. The more and more trips they go on they will start to associate holidays and treats together. Helping them relax and enjoy their getaway.

Also consider taking fresh bottled water with you to keep your pet hydrated throughout their travels


  1. Familiar Items

To help keep your pet comfortable, consider taking their bed and favourite toys on your trip. This is a great idea to keep some of their surroundings and routines similar to back home. Sleeping on the same bed and playing with their favourite toy when they are bored. These items not only smell like home but reminds them of home which will help keep them calm, comfortable & relaxed.


  1. Check List

Our check list refers to everything else. After a few trips you will start to generate your own check list as to what to bring and maybe what to keep at home. Your check list should include things like:

  • Collar
  • Lead
  • Vet’s phone number
  • Medications
  • Towels
  • Jacket
  • Dog bowls etc

The list is to help make sure you don’t leave any of the essentials behind.

Travelling with pets is great fun. You may sometimes need to plan your trip around them but who would you rather be on a holiday with than man’s best friend!