10 Cute Ideas To Do This Howl-o-Ween

Bark-tober is a wondrous time for pets and owners alike as you play dress-up, engage in baking some pet-friendly snacks to curl up with in front of a scary movie.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, trick-or-treating with your fur-baby is effectively out of the question. Luckily, there are plenty of other things you can do with your companion this Howl-o-Ween!

Here’s how you and your furry friend can get your spook on:

#1: Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are the number one pet-friendly Halloween attraction, and for good reason. Unlike haunted houses or scary forests, they’re relatively calm and won’t spook your pet too much.

Additionally, many pumpkin patches also have corn mazes as well, which can be an extremely enriching activity for hyperactive little puppies or overly energetic breeds. If you’re lucky, your local pumpkin patch may also have a petting zoo that’s perfect for your little one to make new friends!

If you do plan on visiting a pumpkin patch with your little fuzz-ball, though, make it a point to call ahead and ensure that they are dog-friendly. Once you have the confirmation, bring some doggy bags along just in case, and go have fun!

#2: Host a Howl-o-Ween Party!

Halloween parties have always been a staple of the spooky season, so what better to do with your pet than host one with the other local dog parents?

 Not only can you let your dogs play themselves with their friends, but you can also spend time bonding with the other moms while baking pet-friendly treats and shopping for party favors!

When planning your party, however, take the proper time beforehand to ensure everyone has a stress-free and safe evening.

Begin by clearing out a large space either in your home or yard where you intend on having the dogs play together. Then, remove any potentially dangerous objects that could be chewed on and fill the area with more desirable toys. Lastly, buy yourself and the other moms a large bottle of wine and all the candy you can eat!

 While your pets are tuckering themselves out, pour a glass, put on a movie, and have a blast! 

#3: Host a Costume Party!

Similar to a Halloween party, costume parties are incredible for bonding and ensuring that everyone involved has a great time. With pets, however, costume parties can be taken to the next level.

 Invite your local dog parents to dress up their own pups and bring them over for a contest, and offer bonus points if the parent dresses up in a matching outfit. Then, include a little photo booth (this can be as simple as cut-out cardboard or as complicated as renting a whole machine) where everyone can take photos. Also, be sure to include a wide variety of snacks for both the parents and the pups to make sure that everyone has an excellent time and feels right at home!

#4: Take a Canine Hiking Halloween Trip

Exactly what it sounds like, a canine hiking Halloween trip involves dressing up your pup (either alone or with other pet parents) and going out for a hike just before sunset. This way, your pup gets to run, jump, play, and get all of its energy out and you get to watch as the sun sinks below the horizon on Halloween night.

 Afterward, head back home or to a spot along your hiking trail where camping is permitted and light up a fire before it gets too chilly. This way, you can spend the remainder of your night bonding with friends, eating s’mores, telling scary stories, and enjoying the holiday.

#5: Curl Up for a Movie and Snuggle!

Not everyone is the type of person who wants to go out and be with others on Halloween. In fact, if you’re an introvert, the holidays are probably rather stressful for you because of the massive crowds of people. There’s no need to feel upset, though. Your desire to stay in and be with your puppy is just as valid as wanting to go out and visit as many haunted houses as possible.

 If that’s what you want to do, we recommend planning a movie marathon in advance! To do this, select the movie(s) you want to binge on Halloween night, visit your local supermarket for snacks and a plush blanket, and get yourself some nice cinnamon-scented candles to light.

Then, of course, we also recommend taking your pet out for a walk before movie night starts to get their energy out so they’ll actually lay down with you!

#6: Buy Your Pup Some New Stuff!

Halloween has always been a time of decorating your home and dressing up as whatever you feel like being that year. Ensure your pup has the same experience by treating them to a new collar or harness!

This can be anything from a decorative collar that sports a pumpkin pattern to a ghost-themed leash! We recommend getting a highly reflective or glow-in-the-dark lead as part of your pup’s package, though, as it will help your pup be seen from a distance and work to keep them safe as the two of your go about your Howl-o-Ween activities.

If you’re lost for ideas or need some help choosing a leash, collar, or harness, be sure to visit our shop! Not only do we offer adorable leads, unforgettable harnesses, and so much more, but buying them in a bundle is also cheaper than buying just one thing! We’re all about Howl-o-Ween discounts!

Not to mention, you can never have too many different designs!


#7: Help Your Fur-Baby Decorate Their Sleeping Space


If you’re anything like us, you’re all about allowing your pup to express their personality through decoration and design. This Halloween, what could be better than getting them the items they need to have a fully decorated sleeping space?

Start by getting your pet a specialty dog bed, such as a tee-pee tent bed! Not only will a bed like this make them feel safe and secure, but it will also elevate the space so they’re proud to call it their own.

Then, you can get started with decorating other parts of the space with pet-friendly objects such as hanging signs or even a Howl-o-Ween doormat!

The options are endless!

#8: Shop for an Adorable Pet Costume

If you’re going to be dressed up this Halloween, it only makes sense that your pet is too! As the season approaches, make sure you spend some time shopping for the perfect costume for your fur baby.

Keep in mind, however, that your pet’s preferences could be different depending on their temperament. Some people are able to get their fur-ball into a full get-up (including the shoes!) while others can barely put on a decorative collar. Before buying anything, make sure you understand your dog’s preference and don’t force them out of their comfort zone.

If your dog is one who doesn’t like a lot of decor, we recommend trying out some small bumblebee wings or a puppy bandana that you think suits them!

#9: Check Into Neighborhood Activities

Many neighborhoods (especially those that are pet-friendly) will host Halloween events just for pets in the days leading up to the holiday. These activities are an excellent way to get your dog out and celebrating while also taking it easy yourself.

Because of this, we recommend checking into your local community’s Facebook page or asking some local trainers if they know of anything coming up. Local shelters will often host playdates, and some trainers even orchestrate huge walks where dogs of all shapes and sizes can prance around together.

Be sure to get the details, though, because some Halloween pet events include more than one type of pet. By ensuring you have all the information, you can guarantee the events you’re attending are perfect for you and your little pup!

#10: Spend Some Time Together!

Above all, Halloween (and the entire month of October, really) is about getting out and spending time with family and friends. Whether that be you and your pet with a huge group of others or just the pair of your alone is irrelevant—just be sure that don’t get so caught up in the holiday antics that you forget what’s really important:

Being together.