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Pebblina Reversible Dog Harness

Our unique Pebblina reversible harnesses are cute, playful and durable! With two patterns on either side you are getting two colorful harnesses in one! So your special pooch can strut their stuff every time they walk out the door in style with a Pebblina harness. 

Pebblina Teepee Dog Tents

Check out our cotton canvas dog teepee, with a cute range to choose from it's a perfect fit for any place in the family home.

It is suitable for small to medium size dogs so let your precious four legged friend sleep like a king & queen with our stylish dog teepee.

Product Reviews

Extremely satisfied with the dog bed purchase. Easily to install and Ruby just loves it. Great customer service and fast delivery.


Perfect! Great quality and very fluffy base pillow. My pup loves it!!!


I absolutely LOVE my reversible dog harness! The design is really neat and the quality is great. I have already recommend this harness to friends of mine